Wednesday, March 31, 2004

All hot to do it now

My former Girl Next Door (a.k.a. Land Baroness) and I went to a Condominium Conversion Seminar last night hosted by Coldwell Banker. All hot to do it now, was what one of the Real Estate sales associates declared after the informative presentation given by Douglas MacLean, the attorney and owner of condoversion.

By the large number of people who showed up, you can bet that condo conversion is lucrative, even with the 150 hoops one has to go through. You definitely know this when they served us dinner for attending. My study committee with a $250K budget doesn't even get refreshments.

A humorous moment occured when Land Baroness remarked to me as a response to a question someone asked about how to get rid of tenants in order to move the process along. She said, "I'd hate to have a landlord like him". What an understatement.

I think she's going to convert one of her properties. Of course, I offered my help. It'll be a great learning experience. But I guessed wrong. As I am writing this, I got word from her that she's thinking in terms of 7-10 years. This is too far in the future. Lots can happen in that time.

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