Monday, March 22, 2004

Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver

I found this over the weekend among some papers I have in storage. It is one of a series of ads from Newsweek years ago. The message is more of a personal reminder than it is an admonition for others:
Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver
“I’ll have
your parts
in two weeks.”
Four weeks later
the parts arrive.
“I’ll put it
in your hand the
minute you walk
in the door.”
But all you get
when you walk in
is a handshake.
“Dinner will be
at 6:00.”
But as you dip
your spoon in the soup,
the clock
strikes 7:45.
“The doctor
will see you
in five minutes.”
35 minutes later
you’re greeted cheerfully:
“And how are we today?”
Avoid a lot of grief and
inconvenience for the
people you deal with.
Think before you
announce how long
something will take—
and then
deliver what you
On time.

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