Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Get it straight...

A famous labor arbitrator
recalls the seminarian who
went to his superior
and asked,“Father, may
I smoke while I pray?”
“No, my son, you may not.”
A brother priest said “Fool,
you put it the wrong way.
Watch this.” He went to the
superior and asked,“May
I pray while I smoke?”
“Of course, my son” was the

Two lovers once were
more poetic than precise:
“Meet me at the rise
of the moon” said the girl.
But in vain did she wait.
For she lived on a plain
where the moon rises soon
and he in the hills
where the moon rises late.
Result: no date.

Of the 600,000 words
available to you, take time
to choose them carefully
and string them with
precision. They can win you
more than smoking
privileges or romance.
They can help you to
achieve man’s most elusive
goal: turning a “no”
into a “yes.”

Published with the hope thst
this message will encourage just one
reader to speak as clearly as he
thinks. For reprints write: Director.
Responsibility Series, Newsweek.
444 Madison Avenue,N.Y..N.Y.10022.

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jadedj said...

Interesting and thoughtful post.