Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Nick Drake: Way to Blue

Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick DrakeNick Drake is one of the artists recommended by closeyoureyes as a response to a previous post I made about a Radiohead Album. She should know, as she a co-DJ on WERS Friday mornings (the one with the sexier voice).

Consequently, I came across Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake, a delightful selection of songs from his earlier albums:
1. Cello Song (Drake) - 4:45
2. Hazey Jane I (Drake) - 4:28
3. Way to Blue (Drake) - 3:09
4. Things Behind the Sun (Drake) - 3:56
5. River Man (Drake) - 4:20
6. Poor Boy (Drake) - 6:06
7. Time of No Reply (Drake) - 2:44
8. From the Morning (Drake) - 2:30
9. One of These Things First (Drake) - 4:50
10. Northern Sky (Drake) - 3:44
11. Which Will (Drake) - 2:56
12. Hazey Jane II (Drake) - 3:44
13. Time Has Told Me (Drake) - 4:25
14. Pink Moon (Drake) - 2:03
15. Black Eyed Dog (Drake) - 3:25
16. Fruit Tree (Drake) - 4:45
Indeed, the music is soft. Perhaps softer than what I'm used to. Neverthess, it has a gentleness that relaxes. His voice reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot (Cold on the Shoulder, Sundown, If You Could Read My Mind), but with less emphasis and less assertiveness.

In my opinion, Way to Blue is best listened to while reclining on a comfortable couch in a fireplace lit room with arms around your sweetheart while sipping Grand Marnier. This of course after a delicious dinner at a candle lit table.

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