Saturday, March 27, 2004

Spring scenes at the Cambridge Fresh Pond Reservation

These photos were taken last Saturday afternoon under overcasted skies on the first day of Spring. They still resemble winter due to a storm that drop a significant amount of snow earlier that week. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them. For comparison, take a look at the Winter Scenes taken three months earlier.

Several pointers if they are not obvious. Clicking on the main photo will display the next photo in the sequence. You can also use the navigational links above the photo to move back and forth. Alternatively, you can view the photos as a slide show by changing the number of second between pictures to anything other than zero. Click start to begin and stop to well, stop. However, due to caching, that might take a while the first time you do this. Lastly, you can scroll to and click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to see in the frame on the left. You can remove the thumbnail display if you choose. Of course, if your browser doesn't support frames, you won't have this option.

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