Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I don't even remember when I requested this book but it arrived at my local library a couple of weeks ago. At the time, I wasn't up to reading about the subject. However, feeling a sense of obligation, I decided to do a quick read, and found it interesting enough to finish it over the weekend.

The main reason that I stayed with this book is the personal medical history of the authors Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis. Their stories, as revealed were compelling. It made what they have to say credible.

I've alway like books that explain how things work in a way that informs other aspects of my life. A great example of this is Issac Asmov's The Human Body, perhaps the subject of another post. The authors here provides a similar service in the area of health.

Here's an abridged Table of Contents:
Part I. The Myths of Modern Medicine
The Modern Myths Quiz
Myth 1: Your Doctor Knows Best
Myth 2: If You Have a Diagnosis, You Know What's Wrong with You
Myth 3: Drugs Cure Disease
Myth 4: Your Genes Determine Your Fate
Myth 5: Getting Older Means Aging
Myth 6: Fat Is a Four-Letter Word
Myth 7: You Can Get All the Vitamins You Need from Food

Part II. Ultraprevention: Controlling the Five Forces of Illness
Ultraprevention and the Five Forces of Illness
Force 1: Malnutrition, or Sludge
Force 2: Impaired Metabolism, or Burnout
Force 3: Inflammation, or Heat
Force 4: Impaired Detoxification, or Waste
Force 5: Oxidative Stress, or Rust
Testing the Five Forces of Illness

Part III. The Six-Week Ultraprevention Plan
The Six-Week Plan: Remove, Repair, Recharge
Step One: Remove -- The First Two Weeks
Step Two: Repair -- The Second Two Weeks
Step Three: Recharge -- The Third Two Weeks
Incidentally, one of the recommendations in "Step Three: Recharge ..." is to keep a journal. Kind of apropos, don't you think?

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