Saturday, April 03, 2004

David Gray: White Ladder

White LadderDavid Gray is another of closeyoureyes' recommendations. I think the White Ladder album fits nicely between the intensities of Fuel's Sunburn and Radiohead's Hail to the Thief on one end, and the softness of Nick Drake's Way to Blue on the other.
1. Please Forgive Me (Gray) - 5:35
2. Babylon (Gray) - 4:26
3. My Oh My (Gray/McClune) - 4:37
4. We're Not Right (Gray/McClune/Pioson/Polson) - 3:04
5. Nightblindness (Gray) - 4:24
6. Silver Lining (Gray) - 5:59
7. White Ladder (Gray/McClune/Poison/Polson) - 4:15
8. This Years Love (Gray) - 4:05
9. Sail Away (Gray) - 5:16
10. Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Almond/Ball) - 9:04
11. Babylon II (Gray) - 3:40
I like all eleven. Gray's playful voice in Please Forgive Me has a Willie Nelson quality. The title song White Ladder has a delightful tempo and beat. They sound better with each successive listen.

Sigur Rós' Ágætis Byrjun is next. But as for Jack Johnson, I need a specific recommendation from closeyoureyes.

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