Friday, April 23, 2004

Fiona Apple: Tidal

Tidal is Fiona Apple's first album:
1. Sleep to Dream (Apple) - 4:08
2. Sullen Girl (Apple) - 3:53
3. Shadowboxer (Apple) - 5:24
4. Criminal (Apple) - 5:41
5. Slow Like Honey (Apple) - 5:56
6. The First Taste (Apple) - 4:46
7. Never Is a Promise (Apple) - 5:54
8. The Child Is Gone (Apple) - 4:14
9. Pale September (Apple) - 5:50
10. Carrion (Apple) - 5:43
Not that soft at first, but way delightfully so as the album progresses. What a voice. It is deep, clear, and rich. At times, it reminds me of Sade. It is also not what I would expect from a teenage artist. I was pleasantly surprised.

The songs are a wonder mix of styles, eclectic in nature. I like them all. Thanks again to closeyoureyes for the recommendation. I'll have to listen Tidal several times to fully appreciate how good it is.

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