Monday, April 12, 2004

In the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye, Line failure spurs brief power loss in region:
About half a million residents in Eastern Massachusetts briefly lost electricity last night after an underground transmission line in South Boston experienced a power failure, said officials at NStar, the region's largest electricity provider.

The power outage, which occurred around 7:30 p.m., set off fire and burglar alarms throughout the region, erased documents from countless computers, and left three people briefly stranded in an elevator at Massachusetts General Hospital. No injuries were reported.
I was in the middle of composing the previous post when it happened. In my case, it was a split second loss that knocked out only my computer network. I didn't even have to reset all my other electronic equipment clocks. Go figure.

The irony is that I have a nice UPS that I bought last year that's still sitting in the box whose purpose is to keep the computer alive during a power outage. Do you think what happened last night is a gentle reminder that I should hook it up?

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