Saturday, September 18, 2004

Alejandro Sanz - No Es lo Mismo

I was disappointed that Robi Draco Rosa didn't win at the 5th Latin Grammy Awards earlier this month. After listening to No Es lo Mismo, I can understand why Alejandro Sanz did. Four awards, no less:
1 No Es lo Mismo Sanz 6:04
2 Hoy Llueve, Hoy Duele Sanz 4:52
3 He Sido Tan Feliz Contigo Sanz 3:52
4 Try to Save Your S'Ong Sanz 3:41
5 Eso Sanz 4:17
6 Labana Sanz 5:28
7 Sandy a Orilla Do Mundo Sanz 3:27
8 1 2 Por 8 Sanz 4:40
9 Al Olvido Invito Yo Sanz 4:21
10 Refálame la Silla Donde Te Esperé Sanz 4:50
11 Lo Dire Bajito Sanz 4:33
12 Si, He Cantado Mal Sanz 0:21
The songs get progressively better through the album. It's too bad I miss out on the lyrics. Seems three years of high school Spanish didn't help. But wait, after the forth time around, some of the words are coming back.

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