Sunday, September 26, 2004

Cold Mountain

The book has been sitting on floor for over a year waiting to be read. ·But the movie adaptation got the priority last night.

One of the most touching sequences is about Sara the widow and her infant son. Your heart breaks at the circumstances that war had put her in. ·Then to have someone like Inman come into her life, hoping to ease her lonliness. ·I think that had not for Ada, Inman would have stayed and had Inman found that Ada died, he would have returned to her.

This is the third movie I've seen directed by Anthony Minghella. ·The other two were The English Patient, and The Talented Mr. Ripley. ·It was the latter that I had the pleasure of seeing the director's commentary and hear him describe the emotions behind the expressions and gestures of the characters as portrayed by the actors. ·He was on the mark 100 percent. ·That's what I like, when I understand exactly what an artist wanted to communicate. ·Therefore, I'm looking forward to the director's commentary of this movie (I saw the VHS version). ·Better yet, maybe I should read the book first.

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