Sunday, September 19, 2004

Jem - Finally Broken

Sigh, another senior moment. I searched in vain all over in notes I left behind for a clue. Jem has a familiarity. What was the connection? Searching the Boston Globe archive found a Dido connection:
Published on April 2, 2004
Jem makes her mark on her debut album with a taut 40-minute set of pop filled with languor, yearning, heartache, and more than a little bounce to offset the moodier moments. The Welsh singer is surrounded by swirling strings, layered keyboards, and textured guitars on most of these pleasing tracks and, no doubt, she's going to be spoken in the same breath as Dido or Beth Gibbons. But while her sound is familiar, there's nothing derivative or contrived about the music, which arrives ...
Well, I don't know Beth Gibbons, but I do about Dido. Jem's music is nice, but not quite like Dido's.

1 They Griffiths, Young 3:16
2 Come on Closer Griffiths, Young 3:47
3 Finally Woken Griffiths 3:58
4 Save Me Griffiths, Young 3:33
5 24 Griffiths, Griffiths 3:54
6 Missing You Griffiths, Griffiths, Nevo 4:01
7 Wish I Griffiths 3:56
8 Just a Ride Caren, Griffiths 3:20
9 Falling for You Coler, Griffiths, Higgins 4:17
10 Stay Now Griffiths, Wahl, Whitecross 3:43
11 Flying High Griffiths, Herman, Nevo 4:08
Now I remember, Jem was in town recently

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