Sunday, September 19, 2004

Le Peuple Migrateur

Le Peuple Migrateur, also known as Winged Migration is awesome. Yet I will have to agree with the user comment ("Too Much Squawking Too Little Talking ... ") if you see this as is.

To really appreciated this documentary, you need the DVD version. Watch a little bit of this as presented for the sheer visual beauty of it (minus some of the squawking) and then switch over to the director's commentary track. There, learn what's going on. After that, watch the near hour long segment on how the film makers made it to answer the question you have all along. By now, you're almost four hours into this, two and a half hour more than you probably intended.

To further appreciate this documentary, you should watch it all over again straight up. But this time, you'll see it with a different set of eyes from a different point of view. It will be a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. It was for me.

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