Friday, September 10, 2004

No Doubt - The Singles 1992-2003

In anticipation of closeyoureyes going back on the air at WERS, I thought I'd revive my weekly music entries, starting off with one of her favorite group No Doubt and vocalist Gwen Stefani. This album is not so soft, but it has a level of energy and a mix of eclectic beats that I can handle, unlike the ones from Fuel her other favorite group (sorry to read about their drummer).
1 Just a Girl Dumont, Stefani 3:25
2 It's My Life Friese-Greene, Hollis 3:45
3 Hey Baby Dumont, Kanal, Price, Stefani 3:26
4 Bathwater Dumont, Kanal, Stefani 4:00
5 Sunday Morning Kanal, Stefani, Stefani 4:31
6 Hella Good Hugo, Kanal, Stefani, Williams 4:02
7 New Dumont, Stefani 4:24
8 Underneath It All Stefani, Stewart 5:02
9 Excuse Me Mr. Dumont, Stefani 3:04
10 Running Kanal, Stefani 4:00
11 Spiderwebs Kanal, Stefani 4:26
12 Simple Kind of Life Stefani 4:15
13 Don't Speak Stefani, Stefani 4:22
14 Ex-Girlfriend Dumont, Kanal, Stefani 3:31
15 Trapped in a Box Dumont, Kanal, Stefani ... 3:23
Gwen has a fabulous voice. I like 12 of the 15 songs. Not bad. The comment in Bathwater about "why do good girls only want the bad boys" was an unexpected surprise. Got a chuckle out of that.

OK, going forward, any soft music recommendations?

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