Thursday, September 16, 2004


I was looking forward to attending the SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) meeting last night. After a two month summer recess, I was ready to meet up with old professional acquaintances. Besides, the scheduled presentation, Real Time Process Improvement with SCRUM was of particular interest to me.

Not only didn't my former colleagues show up, Sutherland's presentation didn't address any "Real Time" issues. In fact, there wasn't anything substantive on SCRUM either. Instead, he gave a lengthy history of the events that lead to it, none of which was very convincing. Nevertheless, it was an interesting trip down memory lane.

It turns out that one of the turning points in the shift away from a water-fall model of project management occurred during the implementation of CCPDS-R by TRW. This coincidentally occurred at the same time that I was at MITRE, involved with the CSSR project by GTE. You see, MITRE was the general system engineer for the United States Air Force that oversaw both of these projects among many others.

And there I was, in S building's conference room at MITRE, the host of SPIN. It's remarkable how little has changed in the appearance of the company's campus. It is as well kept as it was 18 years ago. But alas, everyone I knew then have either left, or have retired.

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