Sunday, October 24, 2004

Book sale virgin

My friend Irene wanted to buy some childrens book for her niece. So, I suggested last month that she get them from the annual public library sales at nominal cost. In particular, that she might be interest in the one given by the library that I go to frequently. Since I've done this every year there, I know the layout and the organization of the books. With the benefit of experience, I briefed her this morning before leaving on the tactics involved. I figured that since her primary interest is childrens books, I'd just point her in that direction while I go off on my usual route. Fifteen minutes later, after I was done, I found her only half way though the childrens section. As I met up with her, she started describing the book she was holding at the time. Realizing what was happening, I told her that she had been using up valuable time perusing, that this is not a Barnes and Nobles experience, that she need to make a select or reject decision of a book within 30 seconds, erroring on selection. Otherwise, she would have no hope of going though them all. Besides, there were just too many people around to do what she was doing comfortably.

In the end, she got what she wanted. We even went to another libary sale nearby. However, after two hours of this, she was burnt out from the experience. But, I'm sure that by this time next year, she'll be an old pro.

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