Saturday, March 13, 2004

The heart has its reasons

She said that the difference between us is that I think with my head and she thinks with the heart. ·In my defense, the head has always been the one that saved me. ·It's the heart that usually gets me into trouble. ·But it's also the heart that brings joy in my life.

The complete sentence is actually "The heart has its reasons which reason does not know." attributed to Blaise Pascal. ·I read this the first time in an economics text, of all places. ·But that was before I discovered Edward de Bono's book Six Thinking Hats. ·I knew of de Bono years before from a BBC TV series on PBS (he later wrote a book based on that series). ·It was the Hat book (see the brief description and the first chapter) that described a reasonable process to solve the problem between reason and heart. As I recall, his advice was that when it's time to make a decision, to consider the results of the Red Hat last. ·Because in the final analysis, it is the heart that has to decide. ·But you do with the full consultation of the head first.

Then, to help you implement your decision, you may have to read Six Action Shoes.

The only one you will never leave or lose

I was touched reading RyukyuSoul entry Ever Have One of THOSE Days?. Later, that reminded me of this wonderful book I read years ago. Check your local public library. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well.

Here's the book jacket inside front and back flap text to the 1965 edition:
Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave nor lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution.
This is the premise of Jo Coudert’s brilliant book, hailed by psychiatrists and laymen alike as a breakthrough in the field of self-understanding. No other book is comparable in its intelligent synthesis of twentieth century knowledge of the workings of the human mind in terms designed to be of immediate and practical benefit to the reader. Many persons have found, suddenly, in these pages, the answers to problems that have kept them from the fun pleasures and satisfactions they want out of life.

From a reading of this book, you will learn how to recognize specific situations that cause you unhappiness - and how to handle such situations successfully. In concrete, practical detail, you will discover how to lessen discomfort with people who trouble you and how to reason with unreasonable people. You will gain insight into family relationships, into marriage problems, and into money problems.

The discussion of sex as recreation will enable you to find added and repeated joy in your life. Whether male or female, you will learn how to detect unhappy patterns in love, and how to break those patterns If you choose to do so. You will see, too, how "selfishness" can actually preserve love.

You will discover if you are one of the angry or one of the guilty, and how this discovery can help you deal successfully with the troublesome people in your life. You will learn how to cope with your anger, how to lighten the burden of unnecessary guilt feelings. You will become aware how much your adult life has been shaped by what you were like as a child, and what to do about it now, how to free yourself from those shadows.

One of the great joys of this book is that it demonstrates how to enhance enriching friendships ships, how to get along with people at work (even the difficult ones), how to re-examine and improve prove the ways in which you deal with members of your own family. Most importantly, it will show you how to deal with yourself.

That is the key to this book. Your self, here explained in nontechnical language in a style you will warm to in the very first pages.

Advice from a Failure is extraordinarily practical. You will find yourself marking up passages, reading and re-reading whole sections time and again, and showing paragraphs to people close to you. If ever a publisher could make a promise to a reader none could be more certain than that you will be grateful for this book the rest of your life, for that is what is at stake.

Jo Coudert is brilliantly equipped to be the author of this book by virtue of the combination of her expertness in two fields. She has edited many textbooks in the fields of psychiatry and medicine and is an editor of The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. In addition, she is, happily, a gifted and graceful writer with a special talent for presenting complex and personal material in a clear and strikingly memorable way.

A forbidden place, aka, harem

I've finally come around to blissless' opinion about Sarah Brightman's Harem. And as Aaron Latham wrote in a similar sentiment:
Adopting a Middle Eastern flavor to enhance her blend of classical and new age pop, Sarah Brightman's Harem continues her experimentation with thematic discs that began with 1993's oceanic Dive. These themes, while never dominant or original, are simply meant to enhance her brand of crossover just enough to keep listeners interested in hearing her next project. Harem accomplishes that feat by shrouding new age pop songs in a thin Middle Eastern veil that disguises, but never completely covers, Brightman's true musical identity. It works well when she fully utilizes the theme, as on the opening title track where Brightman's fragile operatic voice is able to capture the traditional phrasing without sounding forced. But when the formula simply dresses up a pop/dance song like "The Journey Home," the results are less interesting and cross into territory already explored by the group Enigma and its worldly hits. ...
It's too bad that the theme and melody of the first minutes of the title track didn't extend to the rest of the album. But as a long time fan, it's hard for me to criticize her work. So, let's hope her next project will live up to her talent.

BTW, the music videos on the DVD disc is superb, as well as the filming of the photo shoots for the booklet insert. And the entrance page to the web site is just out of this world. It is nicely laid out, with great color schemes, and excellent composition. Wait enough and you'll see shooting stars across the sky and shimmering water near her feet.