Sunday, June 20, 2004

The painting is much better than the movie

Last night, six months later, I finally saw the movie. And truly, as one reviewer wrote, it's "Like stepping inside a Vermeer painting. The light, color and composition are eerily perfect." But other than that, I didn't find much else. Afterwards, I was hoping the DVD has a director's commentary track so that I can watch it again and be convinced that what I missed was what this reviewer found. That:
Inwardly, the film is about the unspoken but palpable feelings between two people of very different stature and station which may or may not be forever cast in the crazed pigments of the masterpiece. Those who can tap into the subtle human emotional undercurrents will find this film far more satisfying than those who cannot.
Well, no luck. There was no director's commentary track. Nevertheless, the movie is worth watching.

So that you know, the movie is based on a novel by Tracy Chevallier. And if you really like the painting as I do, you'll probably know more about it than you thought you'd ever wanted to after you visit the site The Girl with a Pearl Earring An In-Depth Study by Jonathan Janson .