Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow

Almost didn't recognize her. ·She looks and sounds fabulous. ·Afterglow is soft, mellow, and ·soothing. ·Great bedtime music. ·I'm a fan now more than ever.
· · · 1 ·Fallen ·McLachlan ·3:47 ·
· · · 2 ·World on Fire ·Marchand, McLachlan ·4:22 ·
· · · 3 ·Stupid ·McLachlan ·3:24 ·
· · · 4 ·Drifting ·McLachlan ·3:23 ·
· · · 5 ·Train Wreck ·McLachlan ·4:36 ·
· · · 6 ·Push ·McLachlan ·3:56 ·
· · · 7 ·Answer ·McLachlan ·3:58 ·
· · · 8 ·Time ·McLachlan ·4:07 ·
· · · 9 ·Perfect Girl ·Marchand, McLachlan ·4:43 ·
· · · 10 ·Dirty Little Secret ·McLachlan ·3:56

Shakespeare women

More Tragic
Ophelia: 1 votes
Juliet: 0 votes
Dedemona: 1 votes
Lady MacBeth: 1 votes
Gertrude: 1 votes

Othello (1404)

Othello, a noble Moor, is employed by the Venetian state as a general. He secretly marries Desdemona. the daughter of Barbantio, a powerful Venetian senator, who accuses him of seducing his daughter by magic and unlawful means. Desdemona, in the presence of the Duke, denies this, professes her love for Othello, and pleads to be allowed to follow him to Cyprus, where he has to fight the Ottomans, in order to be near him. In Cyprus, Iago, Othello's servant who hates him, sets about to make him jealous and succeeds in convincing him that Desdemona is unfaithful to him with Cassio, his lieutenant, whom Othello dismisses from his service when he is found drunk on watch. Emilia, lago's wife and Desdemona's chambermaid, finds a handkerchief which Othello gave Desdemona as a wedding present and gives it to her husband who drops it in Cassio's house, then convinces Othello that Desdemona gave the handkerchief to Cassio as a love gift. Othello foolishly believes him, orders him to kill Cassio, and he suffocates Desdemona in her bed. Emilia reveals she gave the handkerchief to lago, and he stabs her in order to silence her, but with her dying breath she tells Othello that his wife was faithful. Othello goes mad and stabs lago, then when he is told that he would be taken to Venice to stand trial, he stabs himself and dies on Desdemona's lifeless body.