Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bombing of Dresden

Fire Storm Over Dresden [1990]Redolent-thrush's recent entry A Continent is Not Discovered if it Was Already Inhabited indicting Christopher Columbus reminds me of the documentary Fire Storm Over Dresden about the Bombing of Dresden in World War II. Apparently Winston Churchill gleefully order the bombing. And had Germany won the war, he would certainly would have been tried for war crimes. All this, interestingly came to light from the British historian David Irving, whom recently has been under attack as a Holocaust denier.

Perhaps, it goes to show that in these two examples, history is written by the victors.

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Pink MoonI watched the movie Hideous Kinky over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to hear the song Road as part of the sound track.

I like Pink Moon as much as I liked Way to Blue. What I said in my previous entry about Way to Blue is true of Pink Moon as well. Nice and soft:
1 Pink Moon 2:05
2 Place to Be 2:43
3 Road 2:02
4 Which Will 2:58
5 Horn 1:23
6 Things Behind the Sun 3:57
7 Know 2:25
8 Parasite 3:36
9 Free Ride 3:06
10 Harvest Breed 1:37
11 From the Morning 2:29

Jeopardy category - Blogs

Saw this on Thousand Robots. Did you get them all right?

October 02, 2004
Jeopardy category: Blogs + [now with audio]

Friday night was the final round of Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions. I was surprised to see that one of the categories for Double Jeopardy was "Blogs." Here are screen caps of each of the "answers" it, think of the correct question ("Who is...", etc.) and then click to see if you are correct. They're pretty easy if you know what a blog is, and not too hard even if you don't.

Acquitted for lack of evidence

Excuse me, acquitted for lack of evidence?
October 13, 2004


2 women get death for sex out of wedlock

BAUCHI -- Islamic courts in Nigeria sentenced two women to death by stoning for having sex out of wedlock, but two men whom they said they slept with were acquitted for lack of evidence, authorities said yesterday. Both sentences were passed within the last month in the northern state of Bauchi. Nobody has been lawfully stoned to death in Nigeria since 12 northern states introduced Islamic Sharia law in 2000, because all such sentences have been overturned on appeal. Hajara Ibrahim, a 29-year-old woman, was sentenced on Oct. 5 by an Islamic Sharia court in the Tafawa Balewa area of the state, having confessed to having sex with 35-year-old Dauda Sani and becoming pregnant, the court said in a statement. The second woman, 26-year-old Daso Adamu, was sentenced to death by stoning on September 15 by a Sharia court in Ningi area of Bauchi state, said Judge Ahmed Musa Wurojamel. (Reuters)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

State of Confusion

A little humor from today's newspaper:

The Landlord Situation
October 10, 2004

State of Confusion

When my friend and I first moved to Boston, fresh from an out-of-state college, we rented an apartment on Beacon Hill. A few days after moving in, we had a plumbing problem, so I dialed up the landlord. "He's not available," the receptionist said somberly. "He's insituate."

"I'm so sorry," I said and hung up. I repeated the news to my roommate. We had never heard of that condition before but felt badly that we'd tried to disturb him when he was dealing with something so obviously serious.

We found out a few days later that Scituate was the name of a town. Until then, we had sincerely hoped that our landlord would have a speedy recovery.

JAN WHITTED, Cambridge