Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Remembering Patrick McGoohan

I read on jadedj's journal that Patrick McGoohan has passed away.

He brings back memories. I used to love watching him on the TV series Secret Agent, aka Danger Man (yes, I'm that old. :-) ). I still remember that theme song:

Secret Agent theme by Johnny Rivers

However, I wasn't that enamored by The Prisoner, the series that he was known for. I guess I was too young then to appreciate it.


jadedj said...

McGoohan will definitely be missed. I too loved the Danger Man aka Secret Agent series. I've watched them hundreds of times and I still am entertained by them.

One note, you may have been watching re-reruns because the Prisoner was made after the other two. It ran '67 -'69 I believe...Danger and Secret were early 60's. I originally saw both series as re-runs in the 70's. Telling on ourselves here hsack.

hsack said...

Oh, it's too late about the telling. I did see Secret Agent series when it first ran.

jadedj said...

Indeed it is.

kit said...

I never saw Secret Agent, but I bet I would like it.
I did like the Prisoner, but I thought the finale was weak... although I'd be the first to admit that I can only come up with worse ones.

jadedj said...

kit---Secret Agent was a little silly at times, but McGoohan saved it I think. I agree with you about the finale of the Prisioner. It had the some of the same elements of a previous one in which he actually escaped.