Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Faiths Festival

I'm not into this at all. But how could I refuse Jennifer's invitation. But there was no way I can visit all 21 venues. So, I just visited her Church. She's the one playing the recorder:

Here are more photos:

184 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA
(near Malden City Hall)

All Faiths Festival
You are invited to participate in the All Faiths Festival. This is a tour of the Malden Houses of Worship to be held on Sunday, April 26th, 2009, from 1 to 4 PM. The goal of the Festival is to provide to the families and individuals of all ages in Malden and surrounding communities, an opportunity to become acquainted with the Houses of Worship in the City of Malden. It is hoped that this will create an expanded sense of inclusion and community for everyone.

The All Faiths Festival is a not-for-profit organization with no direct sponsorship by any one faith. Representatives of each participating House of Worship in Malden have joined in the planning of this event. Representatives have equal say in program decisions and meet monthly to plan and coordinate activities.

The community is welcome to walk, drive or take free bus transportation to visit as many Houses of Worship as they wish. A map and directory will be provided to identify participating Houses of Worship. The tour will officially begin at Anthony's Restaurant at 105 Canal Street, Malden, where light refreshments will be served. Visitors, however, may begin their tour at any location.
Each House of Worship will present a unique program to greet guests. Programs will be repeated at 15 minute intervals and may consist of:

- A music program
- A tour of their facility (sanctuary, reception rooms and nursery)
- Their religious education program
- A discussion of architecture and historic background
- An opportunity to meet the Person in Charge and members of their congregation
- Material will be available that may be of interest to visitors
- There will be no direct solicitation of visitors.

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